14 April, 2007

Watch this space

Sorry is the first thing to say to all of you that have missed my thoughts on homelessness and life and things in general but I have been really ill and really busy. I am now back to full strength and raring to go. People find it strange that someone like me who really has been asleep to the world for so many years has an opinion. Alas I do and what I think is that most people want to shout that things are not right and just don't have the time or simply can't because of pressures from work or home. I do it just to upset the apple cart. So this coming week I have a few things to say so watch this space

03 April, 2007

Who cares

The world has gone mad or this country has gone haywire I think. Take for instance going to the shops or waiting for a bus. It's bad enough that during the day you have to worry about being robbed or mugged but at night it's a no no. My friend who lives in a reasonably quite part of London says he will not go out at night because of youths in gangs and fear of being robbed again. I live in central London and I don't go out unless it's in town to do my thing. It's so crazy but who really cares about what's happening. The government make all these laws to try and stop it but when you think about it they don't work because it's the softly softly approach and inb most cases only a sticking plaster solution. Get tough on crime. How is the question I'm asking because from what I know until we do in fact treat crime as an offence against the people of a decent society we will not improve the situation. Should we make prison more of a punishment and not the holiday homes they are fast becoming known as. have you ever heard the expression i can do the time standing on my head. well this is what most prisoners say. Should we be tougher when it comes to the law? Because if you get a youngsters stealing and taking drugs and commiting serious crimes isn't it best to fire the warning shots now before it gets to late. What should we do if a parent has lost control of the family. Should we still blame the parent. It's funny but not everything is so black and white. People keep telling me there is an awful big grey area but all I see is a soft society that is willing to live with what's going on. In the old days people would help each other but today people live in fear of being stabbed or shot and this is not the way to live. Tell me what you think.