06 September, 2009

Revenge of a doughnut

It's Monday and I am a fresh baked doughnut. I used to have five friends in a bag. We were the doughnut gang but they have now all been eaten by this monster of a man and it looks as if I am going the same way but I wasn't expecting it to be so quick. Now between you and me. My friends and I will have the last laugh because we have made him slightly obese already and we have become a daily habit because we add jam, sugar, apple, custard, raisins we also come in rings and are sometimes big and fat. we also come nice and crispy plus the fact that if we cooked really good one is not enough.
As you can probably gather I have stopped eating doughnuts and its made me nuts

03 September, 2009

Days go by when you actually get to hear good news but most of the time is spent watching and listening to TV and radio and all the bad news from around the world. It does seem that we are very lucky in Britain although there is a certain element in our society intent on violence. If you think of things in other ways. we do have it better than most. Take the in the states for instance if you have no health insurance you are unlikely to get the medical help you need. You can get lost amongst the million or so homeless also If you're living in parts of the third world you are more likely to die of starvation and disease. So when I go out some nights to see how the homeless in this country are getting on I sometimes stand in the background and watch the people that are handing out and taking the sandwiches. I often wonder if they know how lucky they really are.