06 July, 2010

digital media

Now here's a subject the repeal of the law on downloading media.
What the last administration did was to rush through a law that wasn't properly thought out and it makes civil liberties look obsolete. Lets look at it another way. Lets say you have a CD that you brought from a shop. Your friend wants to borrow it. I do believe under the present law of copyright you are breaking the law and if I am reading things right if your friend goes ahead and copies it then he's definitely doing so.
You brought the CD legally and if so, Then that CD is your's and what's on the CD is also your's and if you are good to your friends you lend it to them. Now that is your choice because it belongs to you to do as you please. It's the same with the internet friends swap music and movies but like myself I sometimes download something I am not supposed to. I am not the only one. The thing is I pay a site so I can download but am now told this is illegal. So what is the solution. I for one would buy my movies and music if they they were cheaper. £7 for a new DVD is reasonable and the lower the price the more you sell. If these companies are so interested in profit then why not start there own download site where and music could be download at a reasonable price. but to stop people having the choice and restrictions on what they can do on the internet takes away freedom of choices and does infringe deeply on civil liberties. Any way that's what I think. I hope this makes sense as it's three in the morning and once again sleep eludes me.