30 August, 2005

I did it again

Well, I did it again. What I did? I haven't got a bloody clue, but my girlfriend did, she broke up with me again. She did it with the words "you just couldn't do it could you? You, you had to go sit and write something on that bloody computer of yours. You couldn't leave it alone for a couple of days. Thinking I was being clever said well, the banks are now opening on bank holidays so they can give poor people like yourself more unwanted loans. Ironic don't you think. That bank holidays will have new meaning and I think I should write about it. While it's fresh in my mind and besides you know I'd do anything you ask. I'd go to the ends of the earth for you if you asked me to. I thought that was a really good answer. It was when she said could you do it now. I got the distinct feeling something was in the air. So that was my bank holiday Monday. Oh and it was all my fault. So I dare not tell it was LLoyds or Barclays fault.

25 August, 2005

I met with a friend tonight who brought me a pizza and coffee and he said did you know that your blog is a must to look at? Everyone does where I work and I work for a bloody newspaper. It's funny but I feel really pleased that what I write is looked at and understood by different people from MPs to ordinary people. It's nice to think that I have achieved something after all I was the guy that you saw on your way to work every morning begging. I think that I've proved that people on the street are normal people and that with the right help and encouragement they can shine. It was one of the reasons why I took up the challenge of writing the blog. I wanted to show just how normal people living on the streets are and that it didn't matter that they have problems. I believe that treating people normally is the key to giving them the confidence to change. The saying you can't teach an old dog new trick well, that's a myth. I just thought I'd let you know today was a bad day. Things just didn't go right. But it's nights like tonight that make you feel good. When friends are just friends. Four years ago I didn't really have friends they were all drug addicts and people from the streets. We used to meet and hang out like most people do when they want company. Because being homeless and living on streets is really a lonely life. So you congregate and make what I call long term acquaintance's. I think it's the reason why most people survive on the streets but you don't really make friends only in one or two instances can you call someone from the streets a friend. If you go to prison or change your lifestyle once again your on your own with your new friends and acquaintance's. For me to be rid of the drugs and streets and to be doing something I love is still kind of strange but it proves I am normal whatever normal is and there are plenty like me living on the streets and in hostels around the country. All they need is that chance to shine.

24 August, 2005

Another gripe

I think I should have called this blog site another big gripe as I have it seems gripes this time it's about benefits and the people that work there. I know they are under staffed but when you have to sit in one of their offices for four hours only to be told that we sent you a payment and you should get it. Then when it doesn't come you go back to them and politely ask why it hasn't? You spend another four hours trying to get somewhere only to be told you have to wait three working days and this doesn't include sat or sun. I think is a bit of a disgrace. It's when you look at the post mark and find out it had only been sent the day before, which in most cases is true. Most times the dss do try to get rid of you as quick as possible and they will try anything. I don't blame them who'd want to work in an environment where you are under staffed and over worked not to mention the verbal and violent abuse you might have to put up with. No wonder the benefits system is in a mess.


It's six o'clock in the morning, I was having a cup of coffee and watching the news. Then I hear that crime on the railways is up. Muggings on the rail network up by 11.8%. Sex crimes up by 11.8 and drug related crimes by a staggering 106% and British transport police say they have dealt with it quite well. This year has been one of the most successful years in BTP's history and we have achieved all our operational targets in very challenging circumstances." these were their exact words. How absurd a statement is that? If they where dealing with it surely we would see a drop not a frigging rise. I have to admit crime is on the rise everywhere. This is what I see most days when I go out. Usually at my local tube station I see Dave the beggar. I know he a drug addict and I nearly always get him a cup of coffee if I have the money. Then I walk to the paper shop and a couple of yards away you can guarantee you'll see a yellow police sign saying can you help? Woman mugged or man shot on whatever date it happened. Take the road where I live, every few days I see either a yellow police appeal for help or in a shop window a poster saying can you help? Man killed. What I don't see is police on the beat. I see community police walking about but I am beginning to ask myself why have we got them? Because they are only a slight deterrent. I see drug dealers and drug addicts going about their daily routines and you can believe me when I tell you I know. We never had much gun crime in Briton unless you where involved in violent crime like hijackings and so on. Now you can just be a kid with a grudge and a gun. How do we tackle the problem. Well I do like the idea of it takes a thief to catch a thief. Why not? We are always saying we need to give ex cons a chance. So why not use what they know. Why don't we let them teach us what to look for in our communities ? We don't have enough police on the beat and I know it might sound radical but we have to do something and something is better than nothing.

23 August, 2005

Just for a laugh

Driving in structor to Tony Blair now sir I want you to do a three point turn. Tony to instructor but but wouldn't it be better if we did a straight u turn my party and I are good at those.
What do you call a someone that can make you laugh endlessly? A civil servant with four A levels.


Night skies of grey surround me.
Chills freeze me to my bone.
Here I am just wishing for some place to call my home.
Still I lay upon the ground and my teeth chattering endlessly
In tongues I don't understand and the cold night air flows over me.
This cardboard layered thick.
My mattress, makes a softer ground
My shoes are my pillow because thieves don't make a sound.
My home should be a place of rest and shelter from the storm.
A place from cold night airs.
Somewhere to keep me warm.
Somewhere to keep me warm


When I first started this blog and I was told it was to cover the election and I could say what I wanted, to be honest the words politics and election weren't the first thing on my mind and to tell the truth politics I thought was really boring. They were the furthest thoughts on my mind. Then when I actually started to blog well, as you can imagine I was in my element after all I could say what I wanted to and get away with it, but I didn't want to be controversial. It's now been four months and I have slowed the pace of my blog because to be honest it takes a lot of time and energy to do the blog I wanted. There are some people who just write an on line dairy like mypaige . There are quite a few politicians blogging like Boris Johnson, Sandra Gidley. Shaun Woodward and there are quite a few ex MPs Like Clive Soley. other bloggers include Richard Allen ,but like all of them we have something to say whether it be trivial like how your day went or something important like homelessness or the right to choose. Blogs are away of getting whatever you want to say across to a wider audience and you might just get people to agree with what your saying. That they may feel it appropriate to make a comment. Blogging I think is here to stay until someone sees there's money to be made and as you know money speaks in volumes.

22 August, 2005

Mugged of sleep

I thought I'd been asleep for hours but I woke up and it's four o'clock in the bloody morning. What the bloody hell is happening is someone up there saying hey you Jamie McCoy, don't think you're getting a good nights sleep because you aint. You have been asleep for too many years and I'm not letting you off the hook so easily. This is your punishment for all those years taking them God dam awful drugs. Well, that's what I think is happening. Either that or I'm going round the bend. Anyway I woke up thinking about the world I live in and I thought wouldn't it be good if as you where going to work on the tube or bus you said good morning to a perfect stranger or someone you see everyday, but never stop to just say good morning. How do you make a world a better one? How do you make a difference? You have to start somewhere. I agree with all the people saying we are not afraid but on one hand aren't we antagonizing these terrorists to say we don't care we will hurt you somemore. Every night I go out on to the streets of London I have to be honest I am a little afraid because I don't know what's going to happen. It might not be terrorists, it might be muggers. It's the kind of world we live in. Anyway I still think someone up there has got it in for me ever since I learned to read and write I've done nothing but write. Now I'm beginning to think someone's having a laugh at my expense but I'm going to wish you all a good morning and hope you all have a nice day.

My Sunday gripe (Big brother)

My idea of a reality show would be a big brother which has homeless contestants as the stars. Why? Everyone thinks that homeless people are junkies and alcoholics or just plain lazy people. Well my idea would be to show just how normal homeless people are. No one has ever really seen just how normal addicts or an alcoholics are. I have heard so many strange comments from people who are supposed to be normal, like all homeless people should be forced to live normally, homeless people should work for a living before they can get benefit and the best one was from some old age pensioner they should be lined up and shot the good for nothings. Most of these reality TV shows don't actually base their shows on reality at all. The only reality part of the shows is how far they will go to get the prize and that's not reality that's greed or need. This world that we live in needs to be shown that people are just people and it doesn't matter what colour or religion they are. After what's happened around the world in the last ten years we need now build a future which does not allow hate to rise to the fore. Can you imagine a big brother with anti Muslims and Muslims. Fanatics and non fanatics. Some people would say let them destroy themselves. To me that's reality. The person who has nothing but will not degrade themselves for love or money that's reality. We all have different takes on reality. Maybe this is just a way of me saying there's nothing on TV.

20 August, 2005

Just thinking

After all that's happened in the last few weeks I was just thinking about the time I met Mo mowlam. What a loss she is going to be. I actually met Mo when I was living rough. She was on her way to the commons I think. She gave me a fiver to get something to eat. I did and boy was I grateful. What I was thinking was, that only a few people will actually stop and talk to someone they don't know or someone living rough like I was. I don't know whether it's because sometimes we look rough and unclean or it's that inbred fear we have of strangers. Not everyone would stand there and chat and ask you how come your on the streets or how you are doing? She did. It's was that openness and honesty about her that I think people took to. She said I don't usually give money to people on the street but here you are anyway and if I where you I'd take all the help I could get. Well, Mo sorry I never got around to paying you the fiver back but you being a politician an all, but I did what you said and now I'm still clean and I think a bit smarter. I think politics will miss her wit and colourfulness but most of all I think everyone will miss that down to earth quality she possessed.

19 August, 2005

A levels

It's that time of year again, when A level results come to the fore. 98% of teenagers taking their A levels have passed. Once again a record number of passes. The general consensus of the general public is that the exams are getting easier. Are they? I ask after talking to people who have passes from earlier years and they say it was hard then but most think they could get better grades even today. What I find interesting is out of the hundred thousand a level passes there are only 37,000 college places . Which means around sixty thousand under grads would be left out in the cold. Should a level exams be made even harder? Because in this country we do pride ourselves on having the best brains in the world. My feeling is that if we do have so many passing A level exams, then either the test are not that hard or we have 98% of teenagers that are geniuses and that I doubt that very much. To ensure we have the best of the best, I do believe it is time for a revamp of the exams. I think education is a bit of a sore subject with me. As I some how slipped through the education net when I was at school. I left school not being able to read or write and I was wondering just how hard the exams really are and if I were to sit them myself in a locked room for the same time as today's teenagers. Would I pass with flying colours?

16 August, 2005

What is this country coming to. I was looking for a theater that was showing a play I could go and see and all I found was musicals. I always thought we had the best play writes in the world in this country. What has happened has no one had an original idea. Has everyone of them got writers block. Now I read in the independent that a play featuring the beatles songs is being produced. All I can say is how original that? I have only been to one theater in my life and that was only recently and what I saw didn't do much for me it was a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I want to write a pay and I think to see a real play would give me the idea on how it has to be set out. Well, anyway that's my gripe for today. Oh which reminds me I have a certain couple of friends who'd like to go with me as I do have three tickets still. Just thought I'd mention it as I know they read my blog. You know who you are

What really annoys me

What really irks me is when politicians say we care and are passionate about their constituents. When we know they are not. Why are politicians like that? Are they too busy making policies that really they have no idea about? What worries me is politicians seem to have no grasp on what is really happening in the real world that low income families and single homeless people live in. It's things like ID cards, we know the cost is going to be astronomical. Not to mention unaffordable for those on low incomes. Plus it's the millions they said it was going to cost the tax payer to introduce . Now we are being told it's probably going to cost three times as much. Then we have the new drinking laws. I wonder how many hours did they really sit and think about it. Is it really a good thing or is it something we are trying to copy as usual? We only seem to make what I would call sticking plaster laws. They are made in the heat of the moment and in great haste because politicians need to be seen doing something.
These are the people we voted for. They have usually been to college with degrees and stuff or studied politics for some while. So how can they make so many mistakes? It's no wonder people don't vote more often. How can any party expect people to vote for them if they have no trust in what they say or do. Not once have I heard any politician say anything about homeless people to the media. Yet when we speak to them they give us the yes we do care and there shouldn't be such a problem in this country. So what I'm saying is, if you want my vote lets have some real decisions. Make homelessness history. Lets see a government that wont do u turns when it is under pressure. Lets see a government that really does put education and the health service first. Lets see a government that really does take a step forward.

15 August, 2005

This is a glimspe at the new man in charge of crisis open Christmas.( Mick Bateman) Most people will think it's not really a smart thing to do trying to make a stuffed parrot drink a pint of larger but if he does succeed which is highly unlikley. Then a miracle will have been peformed and that's what this man of the moment needs as Christmas looms large. This does raise the question on normality. Do you know this man? Is this the norm? Posted by Picasa

A drink with me or the queen?

I think it is ridiculous that a drink with the queen costs �1,750. No wonder defence chiefs are at the center of another row. Why are defence chiefs using the bicentennial of the battle of Britain and the queens presence to help make up the government shortfall in staging the celebrations. Is it because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are the M.o.D. that strapped for cash that they have to go cap in hand to sponsors using the slogan meet the queen? It was said by someone at the firm that it would be unusual if the people who had brought tickets not to speak to the queen. This brought a furious response from MPs. Who called it an abuse of the royal family. Myself I call it daylight robbery. I mean who wants to pay that ridiculous amount of money to have a glass of champagne with another human being. For the price of a coffee you can meet me. What an excellent thought. ( I could charge say �50 for the pleasure.) Come to think of it you could meet any homeless person and have a sensible chat for the price of a coffee. The fact you wouldn't have to bow or curtsey or watch your Ps and Qs must be a bonus and besides it's a lot cheaper.

Crisis open Christmas

When crisis first started it was just to give hot food and blankets on Christmas day. Since then things have changed and now crisis runs several shelters. One for women and two quiet shelters and one main shelter and one shelter for drinkers. Of course they need someone to organize and run things over the Christmas period. The man in charge this year is Mick Bateman. I asked him what coc was now all about? "On one level crisis open Christmas is about giving people a rest from the street and giving them access to medical facilities along with other things like clothing, housing advice, hairdressing" he said as he sat back in his chair thinking of answers. "It's a place where they can come have meet old friends and make new ones and most of all it's somewhere they can feel safe." I then asked why a drinkers shelter his reply was that "drinkers are people who have a problem and we don't see any reason not to treat them the same as anyone else that comes to our shelters. Some drinkers would find it hard to stop drinking for seven days and may become ill. So we have a drinkers shelter to accommodate these people." I asked why are you giving learning and skills? "We are trying to empower single homeless people to make choices on what they can do in life. If after trying out our learning and skills classes they want to do more then they can. It's just a way of getting homeless people involved and you are proof that it does work." How do you run everything for the seven days? "Well, we have volunteers that come from all over the country and give up their Christmas to work in our shelters. We wouldn't be able to do the things we do without them." How do you get all the things you need like premises food and clothing? " It's all donated by various businesses, either by direct donations of food and clothing or donations of money. The premises we use are usually got at the last minute and are donated rent free. Do you expect a fairly quiet Christmas as the government say the number of homeless is falling? As this is my first one and from what I have seen, I don't think so.

14 August, 2005

Charity replies to disturbing comment.

The head of the charity crisis Shaks Gosh replied to the comment, charities are putting more emphasis on the hidden homeless and not actual rough sleepers. Shaks Gosh said I believe that what we at crisis are doing is moving forward. We run a number of projects of which are open to people living on the street. Some of which are more appropriate to people living in hostel accomodation but with the number of people living on the street falling, it does offer a fantastic opportunity to try other projects . Although crisis has moved away from just giving food and shelter for seven days at Christmas. It is felt that if we try to give people the tools they need to improve their lives, then this will serve them and the community better in the long run. So crisis is now trying to give those tools to empower people to make their own choices, but we are not forgetting people on the streets.

12 August, 2005

Disturbing comments

Last night I went out again amongst the people sleeping on the streets of Camden town but I forgot to take my camera. So I just sat and talked to them. When three of the five commented that they think that homeless charities seem to have forgotten about who they really should be fighting for. When I asked what did they mean, crisis where given as an example. Then they explained that although crisis do a lot at Christmas what they seem to be concentrating on now is people with a roof over their heads. So I tried to explain that just because people are in hostels and have a roof over their head it doesn't mean they are not vunerable or don't need the same opportunities as people on the streets. Of course I put my foot in it as the sharp reply was what opportunities? We can only take what chances we are given and they are few and far between.
It seems to me that every year we hear the same arguments from both sides and I suppose we will always get some homeless people that feel they are being short changed by both the government and the public. While we still have homelessness this will not change. But the question is why are so many homeless? Why is it we do not include homeless people in any political discussions? Are homeless people really second class citizens?

11 August, 2005


Below are pictures I took last night in one area of London. Westminster. These are the homeless that live on the street. It's bad enough having to live like that and this only the summer. So can you imagine what it's like for these people in the winter. When it's really cold or if it's snowing. It's bad enough when it's raining and cold. We like normal people wrap ourselves up in jumpers and scarfs, wooly hats, gloves and thick coats but a person on the streets can only carry a certain amount of clothing and most don't. All they have is what they stand up in and their sleeping bags and blankets. So try and put yourself in their places. Let's say you still have the clothes you wore in the summer. In fact lets say they are the clothes you have worn for most of the year. Now imagine your cold and hungry and that you don't have a drink problem or drug habit. So you don't have what I call the shield to reality. Because you are aware of the cold you feel it. I don't think you'd last more than a night on the streets. It's charities like the Passage day center that opens its doors at seven in the morning to give people a cup of hot tea. Then for a small price a breakfast. You can then have a wash or a shower. Which to many homeless is heaven. I've been in that position and I can tell you it really does help to have places like these, but the Passage, I believe is the only one that opens that early in the morning.
Last night I counted a total of twenty four people sleeping rough in just one small area of Westminster. So how many rough sleepers do we actually have sleeping on the streets in London. I know it's more than the official figures. Westminster council now have what they street wardens. What they do is wake a rough sleeper and give him a ticket to go to a day center so that he can be assessed to go into a hostel. Which are mostly full by the way. This will be done three times and if still sleeping rough will told to move on. A bit like a parking ticket but the fine is a moving on.
Westminster council say it's bad for business when people see the number of homeless we have in the area and their drinking and harassment of people that live here cannot be tolerated. Isn't worse for the person that's homeless? After all they are already being treated as outcasts of society and now Westminster council seem to be making them the their test for future councils to do the same by putting all homeless people in the same category. Shame on you Westminster council. If there was a medal for unfairness you'd win it outright.
The sign says free, but being cold and sometimes hungry is too high a price to pay for being homeless. Most people think when the see this. Oh what a shame and maybe if they are feeling generous give a pound or two which is nice but, wouldn't it nice to just talk to someone like this just to let them know they are part of a society and that someone does care. Posted by Picasa
Two more homeless people at the back of the shops. One says "even here we are woken up by police every so often. I wish they'd leave me alone. I haven't done anything wrong. I'm just homeless". Posted by Picasa
Out of sight and out of mind Posted by Picasa
At the back of the shops and out of sight are what most homeless people seem to be doing because being where they used to be in plain sight, gets them woken up and moved on. Posted by Picasa
For some homeless people sleeping in shop doorways is the only way to stave of the nights chilly wind and to keep dry Posted by Picasa
This is what the government say its trying its best to reduce Posted by Picasa

10 August, 2005

�60.000 a house

John Prescott seems so intent on saying look folks we can build houses on the cheap. Only �60.000. What I'm saying like so many single homeless people is, owning a home for us is a pipe dream. Some of us can barely afford the sky high rents and the same can be said for families with children. Councils where set up to give people homes at affordable rents. They used to do it. So what happened? I'm one of the lucky ones I now live in a flat that is owned by a housing association. I'd still be in a hostel or on the street waiting if it was left up to the council. The councils all over England were supposed to sell off houses and build more, but this has not happened. So I'm asking the question where has all the money gone? Councils in debt are bailed out by the government. Who write off billions of pounds. Wouldn't it be wiser to do up the homes that are vacant and have people paying a fair rent. Councils would have more income. I know what they say about the cost of repairs but over a period say of ten years the councils should be making money.
There are people in hostels that are not vunerable and have been waiting for years for a place of their own and because they are single, it seems they are not a priority. It seems to me to be a high price for being single these days. As far as John Prescottt and his affordable housing. John there are over one million people claiming benefit who simply cannot afford to buy a house what about these people? I would love to own my own house but it's just a pipe dream for me.

09 August, 2005

Charities in trouble

Due to the rise of people becoming homeless some charities are finding themselves short on staff and in financial trouble. The government says the figure on homelessness is dropping but charities like the ones in Lincoln that need volunteers and Exeter are testament to the fact that homelessness is actually rising at an alarming rate. I hope to show people sleeping on the streets in different cities and get their views on what the government are saying.
Is it truly the belief of this government that they are doing all they can? I strongly believe the figures that are being banded about are slightly massaged by various councils so lets have an independent count of people sleeping rough and in hostels and short term accommodation. If tesco's can count how many melons they sell, surely a count of people can be done. I mean the government have given a figure on how many illegal immigrants we have. where they got the figurs from is anyones bussiness, but it shows a count can be done.

Open all hours

It's three o'clock in the morning only just got home after a night with the girlfriend. I was lying on my bed and thought soon I will be able to drink myself silly if I want to, in a pub twenty four hours a day. The only reason I thought of this was, it would be another excuse my girlfriend could use to have a go at me because I am getting a bit tired of the one she uses at the minute. Her excuse is I love my computer more than her. When I think about it, I was begining to wonder why smoke started to come out the back of my computer. Could it be my computer has fallen in love with me? When she reads this she'll be oh so mad. Is that my phone already? Anyway girlfriend to one side.
I think of the problems alcohol is causing some people. In fact some peoples lives are being destroyed by drink. My immediate reaction is it shouldn't be allowed to happen but then if you look at it another way. It might just be the answer to the Friday night brawls we see and hear in the news as people seem to drink more because pubs and clubs have a set closing time, so they drink as fast as they can and then get so drunk that they become drunken the louts and vandals we hear about all over the country. So having a twenty four hour license could be the answer to this problem but, then we have the alcoholics who will drink and drink no matter what. How can we allow this to continue. Firstly we don't really know who the alcoholics are. They are office workers, shop assistants just normal everyday people with a problem. The ones we see everyday when we go to work are only a very very small percent and some of them only drink to forget about their situation. The only way to stop alcoholism is to make alcohol illegal and just like smoking we need to prove it is unhealthy. We already know how dangerous it is to drink and drive. We know its effects, yet we still drink. Even me. We have learned how bad smoking is. Now we need to do the same with alcohol. Until then, we will all still drink as much as our bodies will allow.

08 August, 2005

Homelessness city to city

I have decided to get out there and go from city to city getting stories from all over the country. London has been the obvious city, it being the major city, but I would like to go back to cities like Bristol and Manchester catch up with people I met on the big voice tour and chart their progress and to see how homelessness is being dealt with in the various cities. I would also like to vistit day centers and see what they have to offer.
I am so fed up of hearing government figures on the actual number of people sleeping rough and I want to show the side of homelessness we don't see. Which is being called hidden homeless. I want to show people just how bad it really is. So out will come my sleeping bag and I will join those on the streets and I will get stories from the ground upwards so to speak. So watch this space over the coming weeks.

06 August, 2005

A rainy night in Birmingham Posted by Picasa

Why should we?

Today I heard the comment while I was in Birmingham. The comment was, why should we help the homeless? They probably have got somewhere to go if they only they'd get up off their arses and go bloody well home. Those where the exact words used by someone who I thought was being hypocritical and small minded, as he had just given a beggar a pound. So I turned round and said hey, how can someone like yourself say that, when you have just given a beggar a pound? I thought he was going to attack me, but he just walked away.
People who are on the streets are not all runaways but I have to admit a large proportion of them do have problems. Runaways usually have valid reasons for leaving home. Would you stay in a place where there was no love or you were being abused or nobody listened to you when you had a problem? I know I certainly wouldn't. So the question of should we help the homeless really shouldn't arise? But the answer to the question. It has to be yes. We can't forget that they are someone's sons or daughters. The fact that they are living rough and have these problems is enough.
Someone said that we care more about other people in other countries and give more to them than we do our own. So that we are seen to be a country with compassion. My own view on this is why we should we see or hear about homelessness in this country? We are supposed to be a wealthy nation. So I ask the question that may annoy a few. Are we just a country that is wealthy in things that we can touch and own? Only half heartedly giving thought to the less fortunate? Now and again putting our hands into our pockets and patting ourselves on the back because we don't see the homeless as being really needy. Is this because we know they can go to day centers and get washed and fed or charities bring food at night. When I give a pound to someone on the streets I have to admit it makes me feel good but I do it because I have been in that position.
4000 people gave their time last Christmas. Time that should have been spent with family and friends. So this tells me that people do care. So I am left scratching my head to answer the question. Why should someone say why should we help the homeless? That's like me saying why should we help the sick?
My feeling on the subject on homelessness are, in life we all make choices. Some of them are bad and some of us who are smart, bright as a button see the mistake and rectify it. Some of us don't see the mistake. Some never see it. To some the making of bad decisions has become a habit so bad they think they cannot change and sometimes like myself help is needed to realise the life we have led through those choices can be changed. It's the ones who don't see their mistakes, these are usually the ones that end up in paupers graves. These are the one we should be trying to help after all isn't all life precious or is that just a thing we say.

03 August, 2005

Homeless join bloggorsphere

Yesterday I started the first class on blogging. It was basically the do's and don't. Because many homeless people have a lot to say and sometimes use the f word too often. Plus they might want to have a go at someone and name names. I have had to explain that they can still be sued for liable and that they can be traced as some one pointed out. So watch out for Alans purple prose and Malcolm's in your face blogs.

02 August, 2005

The saga of the non setting jelly is finally over. I actually made a perfect one. Now for something more difficult, a trifle. You never know I might be able to make it at the first attempt. I'll let you know soon.

The houses of parliament

Today, myself and a friend went on a tour of the houses of parliament . First part of the tour was okay. It kind of made me glad that I have a computer and I didn't have to write down all the laws that had been made since God knows when. It was when we came to the painting in the ornate rooms and were told that there were unfinished parts of the walls and that replacements portraits were hanging in place because the artist had died or something. I thought that was a typically British thing. The British never finish anything on time. Well that's what people think don't they? Good job they didn't have time and motion in those days. Then when you walked around and you got a little tired you were told not sit down in the house of lords or the commons and me being me said to sit down in this place you have to become an MP. The tour of parliament itself was very informative. All I could think was, that it was all pomp and ceremony. But I'm just a commoner what do I know? I mean to still have a black rod knock on the door to convey queens message bit old fashioned in this day and age. I asked myself wouldn't a phone been a lot quicker. Hasn't anybody told them of this invention yet? But, Hey what do I know I'm just a commoner. When we went into the rooms of the ayes and no's and I saw all the books of what was said in the house. We were told they had been compiled by the Hansard Society. I just smiled and thought, bloody glad I didn't have to write them. As we were leaving we read about the gunpowder plot and I asked if there is a basement cellar under the crisis office.
I have to say I was a bit worried it was going to be the normal boring tour. In fact as I said before, it was informative and I enjoyed the walk and becoming an MP must be my next big thing because I want to sit down in the houses of parliament.

01 August, 2005

It''s about 10 past four in the morning and as usual sleep never seems to come easy. My mind keeps working overtime. Sometimes I get little snippets of ideas like a comedy sketch that has someone asking Tony Blair, how did he get a third term? He starts singing in his best rock and roll voice. It's as kind of magic. Gordon Brown singing all I want for Christmas is the PMs job, the pms job. you have Ian Duncan Smith singing you move a little to the left and then you move your body to the right. You do the political shuffle and things will be alright. It's kind of funny what you think of or is it just me?

A society at war

I would have thought that after the bombing and attempted bombings life would get somewhere back to normal. How wrong can you be? I wake up and there news headlines a man has been killed with an axe. Then when you are listening to your local news, a woman has been raped in a near by park or a man stabbed on a bus. All this has leads me to believe that we are society in a sorry mess. We are actually living like a society that has a class war. It seems to me that the poorest of our nation have become so despondent, not having any hope for the future. It has now resorted to forcing its way from the streets and it has now begun to scream with violence.
In the late seventies and eighties America had the same problem and as we always seem to follow them. Always ten or fifteen years later. We now have their problems.
We have areas in this country that people will avoid like the plague because we have a culture of youths that have brought fear to our streets. We place the blame on different things things like immigration drugs parents. We have heard the stories of parent not being able to control their offspring. The question is why?
Is it really that these youths see someone wearing designer trainers that they have to them at any cost? Is it societies fault? Are things really that simple?
What Alarms me is the rise in violent crime. The number of people carrying weapons. The number of motiveless crimes. All this lets me think that we are on the verge of a war of class. The working man against the poorman. Before it was the working classes who were the poormen of the time, against the upper class. But that was an age ago.
Since the Thatcher days, we have had huge job loses, whole towns and cities have become run down. Mines and factories keep closing. In the last decade we have hardly had any new livable places. We seem to be trying to repair the old when in fact we should be building anew.
Are parents really to blame? Is it their fault that some people say no wonder our children think they have to take and fight for everything? What is it doctors say things get worse before they get better. I bloody well hope not.