08 August, 2005

Homelessness city to city

I have decided to get out there and go from city to city getting stories from all over the country. London has been the obvious city, it being the major city, but I would like to go back to cities like Bristol and Manchester catch up with people I met on the big voice tour and chart their progress and to see how homelessness is being dealt with in the various cities. I would also like to vistit day centers and see what they have to offer.
I am so fed up of hearing government figures on the actual number of people sleeping rough and I want to show the side of homelessness we don't see. Which is being called hidden homeless. I want to show people just how bad it really is. So out will come my sleeping bag and I will join those on the streets and I will get stories from the ground upwards so to speak. So watch this space over the coming weeks.

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