25 August, 2005

I met with a friend tonight who brought me a pizza and coffee and he said did you know that your blog is a must to look at? Everyone does where I work and I work for a bloody newspaper. It's funny but I feel really pleased that what I write is looked at and understood by different people from MPs to ordinary people. It's nice to think that I have achieved something after all I was the guy that you saw on your way to work every morning begging. I think that I've proved that people on the street are normal people and that with the right help and encouragement they can shine. It was one of the reasons why I took up the challenge of writing the blog. I wanted to show just how normal people living on the streets are and that it didn't matter that they have problems. I believe that treating people normally is the key to giving them the confidence to change. The saying you can't teach an old dog new trick well, that's a myth. I just thought I'd let you know today was a bad day. Things just didn't go right. But it's nights like tonight that make you feel good. When friends are just friends. Four years ago I didn't really have friends they were all drug addicts and people from the streets. We used to meet and hang out like most people do when they want company. Because being homeless and living on streets is really a lonely life. So you congregate and make what I call long term acquaintance's. I think it's the reason why most people survive on the streets but you don't really make friends only in one or two instances can you call someone from the streets a friend. If you go to prison or change your lifestyle once again your on your own with your new friends and acquaintance's. For me to be rid of the drugs and streets and to be doing something I love is still kind of strange but it proves I am normal whatever normal is and there are plenty like me living on the streets and in hostels around the country. All they need is that chance to shine.

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