09 August, 2005

Charities in trouble

Due to the rise of people becoming homeless some charities are finding themselves short on staff and in financial trouble. The government says the figure on homelessness is dropping but charities like the ones in Lincoln that need volunteers and Exeter are testament to the fact that homelessness is actually rising at an alarming rate. I hope to show people sleeping on the streets in different cities and get their views on what the government are saying.
Is it truly the belief of this government that they are doing all they can? I strongly believe the figures that are being banded about are slightly massaged by various councils so lets have an independent count of people sleeping rough and in hostels and short term accommodation. If tesco's can count how many melons they sell, surely a count of people can be done. I mean the government have given a figure on how many illegal immigrants we have. where they got the figurs from is anyones bussiness, but it shows a count can be done.

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