10 August, 2005

�60.000 a house

John Prescott seems so intent on saying look folks we can build houses on the cheap. Only �60.000. What I'm saying like so many single homeless people is, owning a home for us is a pipe dream. Some of us can barely afford the sky high rents and the same can be said for families with children. Councils where set up to give people homes at affordable rents. They used to do it. So what happened? I'm one of the lucky ones I now live in a flat that is owned by a housing association. I'd still be in a hostel or on the street waiting if it was left up to the council. The councils all over England were supposed to sell off houses and build more, but this has not happened. So I'm asking the question where has all the money gone? Councils in debt are bailed out by the government. Who write off billions of pounds. Wouldn't it be wiser to do up the homes that are vacant and have people paying a fair rent. Councils would have more income. I know what they say about the cost of repairs but over a period say of ten years the councils should be making money.
There are people in hostels that are not vunerable and have been waiting for years for a place of their own and because they are single, it seems they are not a priority. It seems to me to be a high price for being single these days. As far as John Prescottt and his affordable housing. John there are over one million people claiming benefit who simply cannot afford to buy a house what about these people? I would love to own my own house but it's just a pipe dream for me.

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