23 August, 2005


When I first started this blog and I was told it was to cover the election and I could say what I wanted, to be honest the words politics and election weren't the first thing on my mind and to tell the truth politics I thought was really boring. They were the furthest thoughts on my mind. Then when I actually started to blog well, as you can imagine I was in my element after all I could say what I wanted to and get away with it, but I didn't want to be controversial. It's now been four months and I have slowed the pace of my blog because to be honest it takes a lot of time and energy to do the blog I wanted. There are some people who just write an on line dairy like mypaige . There are quite a few politicians blogging like Boris Johnson, Sandra Gidley. Shaun Woodward and there are quite a few ex MPs Like Clive Soley. other bloggers include Richard Allen ,but like all of them we have something to say whether it be trivial like how your day went or something important like homelessness or the right to choose. Blogs are away of getting whatever you want to say across to a wider audience and you might just get people to agree with what your saying. That they may feel it appropriate to make a comment. Blogging I think is here to stay until someone sees there's money to be made and as you know money speaks in volumes.

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