01 August, 2005

A society at war

I would have thought that after the bombing and attempted bombings life would get somewhere back to normal. How wrong can you be? I wake up and there news headlines a man has been killed with an axe. Then when you are listening to your local news, a woman has been raped in a near by park or a man stabbed on a bus. All this has leads me to believe that we are society in a sorry mess. We are actually living like a society that has a class war. It seems to me that the poorest of our nation have become so despondent, not having any hope for the future. It has now resorted to forcing its way from the streets and it has now begun to scream with violence.
In the late seventies and eighties America had the same problem and as we always seem to follow them. Always ten or fifteen years later. We now have their problems.
We have areas in this country that people will avoid like the plague because we have a culture of youths that have brought fear to our streets. We place the blame on different things things like immigration drugs parents. We have heard the stories of parent not being able to control their offspring. The question is why?
Is it really that these youths see someone wearing designer trainers that they have to them at any cost? Is it societies fault? Are things really that simple?
What Alarms me is the rise in violent crime. The number of people carrying weapons. The number of motiveless crimes. All this lets me think that we are on the verge of a war of class. The working man against the poorman. Before it was the working classes who were the poormen of the time, against the upper class. But that was an age ago.
Since the Thatcher days, we have had huge job loses, whole towns and cities have become run down. Mines and factories keep closing. In the last decade we have hardly had any new livable places. We seem to be trying to repair the old when in fact we should be building anew.
Are parents really to blame? Is it their fault that some people say no wonder our children think they have to take and fight for everything? What is it doctors say things get worse before they get better. I bloody well hope not.

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