02 August, 2005

The houses of parliament

Today, myself and a friend went on a tour of the houses of parliament . First part of the tour was okay. It kind of made me glad that I have a computer and I didn't have to write down all the laws that had been made since God knows when. It was when we came to the painting in the ornate rooms and were told that there were unfinished parts of the walls and that replacements portraits were hanging in place because the artist had died or something. I thought that was a typically British thing. The British never finish anything on time. Well that's what people think don't they? Good job they didn't have time and motion in those days. Then when you walked around and you got a little tired you were told not sit down in the house of lords or the commons and me being me said to sit down in this place you have to become an MP. The tour of parliament itself was very informative. All I could think was, that it was all pomp and ceremony. But I'm just a commoner what do I know? I mean to still have a black rod knock on the door to convey queens message bit old fashioned in this day and age. I asked myself wouldn't a phone been a lot quicker. Hasn't anybody told them of this invention yet? But, Hey what do I know I'm just a commoner. When we went into the rooms of the ayes and no's and I saw all the books of what was said in the house. We were told they had been compiled by the Hansard Society. I just smiled and thought, bloody glad I didn't have to write them. As we were leaving we read about the gunpowder plot and I asked if there is a basement cellar under the crisis office.
I have to say I was a bit worried it was going to be the normal boring tour. In fact as I said before, it was informative and I enjoyed the walk and becoming an MP must be my next big thing because I want to sit down in the houses of parliament.

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