16 August, 2005

What is this country coming to. I was looking for a theater that was showing a play I could go and see and all I found was musicals. I always thought we had the best play writes in the world in this country. What has happened has no one had an original idea. Has everyone of them got writers block. Now I read in the independent that a play featuring the beatles songs is being produced. All I can say is how original that? I have only been to one theater in my life and that was only recently and what I saw didn't do much for me it was a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I want to write a pay and I think to see a real play would give me the idea on how it has to be set out. Well, anyway that's my gripe for today. Oh which reminds me I have a certain couple of friends who'd like to go with me as I do have three tickets still. Just thought I'd mention it as I know they read my blog. You know who you are

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Yvonne Powell (Big Voice Panel) said...

Hi Jamie, If you're still after a play I recommend The Philadelphia Story at the Old Vic, but that only runs 'til the 3rd of September, and also Death of a Salesman at the Lyric on Shaftesbury avenue, especially for someone like you who loves a good rant!