24 August, 2005


It's six o'clock in the morning, I was having a cup of coffee and watching the news. Then I hear that crime on the railways is up. Muggings on the rail network up by 11.8%. Sex crimes up by 11.8 and drug related crimes by a staggering 106% and British transport police say they have dealt with it quite well. This year has been one of the most successful years in BTP's history and we have achieved all our operational targets in very challenging circumstances." these were their exact words. How absurd a statement is that? If they where dealing with it surely we would see a drop not a frigging rise. I have to admit crime is on the rise everywhere. This is what I see most days when I go out. Usually at my local tube station I see Dave the beggar. I know he a drug addict and I nearly always get him a cup of coffee if I have the money. Then I walk to the paper shop and a couple of yards away you can guarantee you'll see a yellow police sign saying can you help? Woman mugged or man shot on whatever date it happened. Take the road where I live, every few days I see either a yellow police appeal for help or in a shop window a poster saying can you help? Man killed. What I don't see is police on the beat. I see community police walking about but I am beginning to ask myself why have we got them? Because they are only a slight deterrent. I see drug dealers and drug addicts going about their daily routines and you can believe me when I tell you I know. We never had much gun crime in Briton unless you where involved in violent crime like hijackings and so on. Now you can just be a kid with a grudge and a gun. How do we tackle the problem. Well I do like the idea of it takes a thief to catch a thief. Why not? We are always saying we need to give ex cons a chance. So why not use what they know. Why don't we let them teach us what to look for in our communities ? We don't have enough police on the beat and I know it might sound radical but we have to do something and something is better than nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Community police? Here's my theory. The government know they need more police but they don't want to spend the money, so they recruit these community police instead.