06 July, 2010

digital media

Now here's a subject the repeal of the law on downloading media.
What the last administration did was to rush through a law that wasn't properly thought out and it makes civil liberties look obsolete. Lets look at it another way. Lets say you have a CD that you brought from a shop. Your friend wants to borrow it. I do believe under the present law of copyright you are breaking the law and if I am reading things right if your friend goes ahead and copies it then he's definitely doing so.
You brought the CD legally and if so, Then that CD is your's and what's on the CD is also your's and if you are good to your friends you lend it to them. Now that is your choice because it belongs to you to do as you please. It's the same with the internet friends swap music and movies but like myself I sometimes download something I am not supposed to. I am not the only one. The thing is I pay a site so I can download but am now told this is illegal. So what is the solution. I for one would buy my movies and music if they they were cheaper. £7 for a new DVD is reasonable and the lower the price the more you sell. If these companies are so interested in profit then why not start there own download site where and music could be download at a reasonable price. but to stop people having the choice and restrictions on what they can do on the internet takes away freedom of choices and does infringe deeply on civil liberties. Any way that's what I think. I hope this makes sense as it's three in the morning and once again sleep eludes me.

22 June, 2010

It's all our fault

Well, it had to happen I'm dead and this is hell or is it the other way round anyway who cares we have now got ourselves in a right pickle with this collision government. They plan to up taxes, reduce benefits, cut spending. Yet a couple of minutes ago they were fiddling expenses and now they want the poor to be poorer. Here's what i think will happen. They will make their cuts and everyone will suffer more than they have to. Inflation will rise so will unemployment. Banks will still be giving bonuses.House prices will fall to an all time low. and food price will rise with the cost of living. This will cause the people of Britain to say enough is enough and bring the collision to an end because we did not vote for it and it doesn't work. how can it when you now have lib dems going back on what they pledged in the their election manifesto. We voted for no one because we'd run out of trust and they are proving us so right..Did Cameron just become prime minister because it was the only way his party could get into power and he just likes the idea of being prime minister will he bring us back to those dreaded thatcher years of strikes and more poverty, no housing. We shall see. So once again I ask am I in hell? or is this all a dream

10 March, 2010

Funny thing is

I have often wondered what it takes to become a politician but I have always come up with the same answer and that's not much. The funny thing is that I think you have to have the gift of the gab and to be able to spin things the way you want to. In other words tell fibs, big white lies. Take for instant education. We used to have one of the best education systems in the world and now we are somewhere near the bottom of the world ratings. Who was it that f--c-ed it all up with this modernisation crap. Same applies to our health service. Who the hell gave us the right to steal a child childhood because that's what I think is happening as we lower the age for pre school and give them all these tests and then try to get parents into work at the same time. It seems to me that the government wants it cake and wants to eat it all. Are we as a broken society? if we are isn't it about time we said enough is enough. The funny thing is we'll just keep on electing governments that actually don't do anything.

01 March, 2010

Oh boy

Oh boy what a palaver about the election I thought this was an easy choice because if you look at what has been done and what would have been done by you know who. Then its obvious. We all disagreed with brown giving our money to the banks but if you think about it, it has saved most of our saving and has prevented a total collapse of our banks but it it has brought hardship and that's just the thing. if the conservatives had had their way they would have closed the worst failing banks and nationalized the rest. Which would have meant millions would have lost their saving pensions would have been decreased more than they have been and many more would have become redundant and many many more businesses would have gone under. After thinking about things I have come to this conclusion I would Rather have the devil I know in power but what do I know. I still believe the old system of paying water and all those other rates with your rent would work better today than what we have now.

07 February, 2010

Good news and as usual bad news

Good news is I didn't lose my pride and joy, my dvd recorder because by some miracle and luck I managed to keep it and buy a hole fortnights food. The reason well I found one pound fifty and I brought a loaf and bread and a pint of milk. I had sixty pence left so I thought lets have a bet on a horse so I did and that won at 10\1 which gave me £6.60 and placed the oringinal 60p on a straight forcast which means I had to pick the first and second that came in and I got £53.25. I kept the £56 and played with £3.25 and would you believe it I won again this time it was £37 exaclty. I then walked out and brought two weeks food which I didn't really need and got my dvd recorder out of hock. so luck was with me after all or someone up there likes me.
Now for the bad news I read all the papers and things on homelessness and sometimes I just can't believe some councils and what they are saying and doing. Homelessness isn't a crime but I know of people being given asbo's for sleeping in shop doorways this does confuse me as we know there are not enough places for all the homeless in london. Even church night shelters have had to turn away people at night. The thing that amazes me is that we say homelessness is decreasing but in actual fact it is not and from what I see its going into hiding. We no longer see people in plain sight. Homelessness is now becoming hidden and this must not happen as these are the people we have to try and help as best we can.

03 February, 2010

Life it's fun but what a struggle

What can I say? Everyday I wake and pray for just an average day of near normality but as we all know sometimes life just throws a spanner in the works. First it was my health and a dizzy doctor, who I now think was using some kind of hallucinogenic drug because no doc could have been that bad. Now my health has finally got back to some kind of normality but as I said there's always something else. It is partly my own fault but now I'm struggling with my bills which I have got partly sorted but it has cost me. I thought I could pawn my pride and joy. My DVD recorder. It was a way to pay what I owed and get it back with in the allotted time which was a month but things have now conspired against me and I am about to lose my prize possession which I have not finished paying for but I do have a week to think of something. The good things are my gas and electric is still on thanks to my DVD. I have food in my freezer and I'm lucky I don't have to sleep out in the rain anymore. It's a pity life can't be a little easier after all I have done the hard part by surviving all those misspent years of homelessness and drugs. Praying for just a little reward, do you think that's asking too much?
I think life is full of unequal events but sometimes good things do happen more often than not.

25 January, 2010

This what I think

Over the last twenty to thirty years I have been what I call asleep due to the amount of drugs I took over the years and now I am awake and yet even I see the changes made in our so called fair society. My first observation is about our children and they way we slowly erode their childhood by changing learning ages. the test they have to take. I begin to wonder is it worth it? I see a child learning to play with other children as the first steps of learning how to get on together. There are rungs on a ladder. Sometimes some children can take two rungs at a time but for most its one at a time. What I am saying is give back children their childhood and just maybe children wont be so cruel and resentful. It's to late for todays children but they say a happy child is a fruitful child I think.
We say the rich get richer. Now even I have to admit this one. They do, but don't most earn it and is this true are they paying higher taxes than most? We have this saying hard earned money will be well spent. I think this to be true. Look life isn't that fair to most, it has its ups and downs but money isn't everything and being jealous of someone owning a porche hey! that's just natural but being happy with what you have is harder than most people think. Ask someone who fought in the war or who was born just after or just ask someone from a really poor country. Poor is a word I'd use for people who have next to nothing but poverty is a word for poeple who have nothing. Poverty will be with our world for many years to come and many peoples life times but as we give to help when we can. We can smile a little and know that all is not lost and humanity does live somewhere in us all.

08 January, 2010

Recovering blogger

Well. my bit for charity wasn't done exactly as I planned because I caught a tartar of a cold and couldn't do all my shifts. I haven't been out of my flat since, today was the first day. It was strange no one was walking or chating in the streets all were skating or trying to stay up right. Pensioners with zimmer frames were even speed skating. Cars were doing the bolero. So this I am guessing is the long term effects of blogging or snow and I thought I was having a bloggers flash back. Since I stopped writing so much I wondered why I've kept on seeing things. Silly me, today I thought I saw Boris Johnson on TV saying once again that London was prepared for snow and there wouldn't be any disruptions and I could have sworn I saw snow this morning when I went to the shop and no buses but seriously. What I didn't hear was the struggle about families who could not heat there homes during this prolonged freeze because they hadn't yet received any cold weather payments or that people on prepayment meters are using money put by for food because they have been promised payments which still are not forth coming. We are into the second week of the freeze and it seems this too has become a post code lottery. Isn't it suppose to be when the weather drops to zero or below that payments are made unless you live half a mile away in another post code. Cold weather payments are meant to be for weather that is cold not when the sun shines and at todays prices for gas and electric. Well they say it all. Another thing is there are people sleeping rough all around Britain there hasn't been a word said about them. Its so sad that we live in a country that's good at helping people all around the world and I am proud of that. Yet we haven't seen or invented ways to help our own. Britain has so many problems from homelessness to lawlessness but what is most annoying and does make me angry is that we have increasing poverty in this country and although we know and hear about it nothing is really done and I hate it when I am told, you should think yourself lucky because you'd be starving anywhere else in the world. I know how lucky I am but how long will it before we once again see children begging openly in the streets or how long will it be when we see American style soup kitchens? It doesn't take much to become homeless and poor but it takes plenty of lives and life to remedy it

Hey I'm a recover blogger what do I know?