03 February, 2010

Life it's fun but what a struggle

What can I say? Everyday I wake and pray for just an average day of near normality but as we all know sometimes life just throws a spanner in the works. First it was my health and a dizzy doctor, who I now think was using some kind of hallucinogenic drug because no doc could have been that bad. Now my health has finally got back to some kind of normality but as I said there's always something else. It is partly my own fault but now I'm struggling with my bills which I have got partly sorted but it has cost me. I thought I could pawn my pride and joy. My DVD recorder. It was a way to pay what I owed and get it back with in the allotted time which was a month but things have now conspired against me and I am about to lose my prize possession which I have not finished paying for but I do have a week to think of something. The good things are my gas and electric is still on thanks to my DVD. I have food in my freezer and I'm lucky I don't have to sleep out in the rain anymore. It's a pity life can't be a little easier after all I have done the hard part by surviving all those misspent years of homelessness and drugs. Praying for just a little reward, do you think that's asking too much?
I think life is full of unequal events but sometimes good things do happen more often than not.

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