22 June, 2010

It's all our fault

Well, it had to happen I'm dead and this is hell or is it the other way round anyway who cares we have now got ourselves in a right pickle with this collision government. They plan to up taxes, reduce benefits, cut spending. Yet a couple of minutes ago they were fiddling expenses and now they want the poor to be poorer. Here's what i think will happen. They will make their cuts and everyone will suffer more than they have to. Inflation will rise so will unemployment. Banks will still be giving bonuses.House prices will fall to an all time low. and food price will rise with the cost of living. This will cause the people of Britain to say enough is enough and bring the collision to an end because we did not vote for it and it doesn't work. how can it when you now have lib dems going back on what they pledged in the their election manifesto. We voted for no one because we'd run out of trust and they are proving us so right..Did Cameron just become prime minister because it was the only way his party could get into power and he just likes the idea of being prime minister will he bring us back to those dreaded thatcher years of strikes and more poverty, no housing. We shall see. So once again I ask am I in hell? or is this all a dream