08 December, 2007

Its that time of year again

Christmas is just a few weeks away and already there are things going on the TV and radio about homelessness. It does seem that at Christmas and homelessness have become big issues. We have John Bird of the big issue saying and I quote we don't want to give homeless people a good Christmas. Actually John it's about giving homeless people a rest bite from the streets and giving them that first insight into what could be. I had to take that first step myself and I couldn't have done it without the help people from crisis and the big issue. Christmas is about compassion and those people who give up their Christmase's to help are a god send.
Imagine you are on the streets sleeping rough, nobody of any consequence wants to know you. The friends you have are just acquaintances they are here today gone tomorrow and many are to drunk or not so sober to have a decent conversation. So that first conversation with someone that you would call normal is quite an eye opener. Who knows what it call lead to? Who would have thought i'd be writing and reading and most important clean from drugs still but there are many people like me who just need a chance. Homelessness just isn't a christmas thing it's an everyday struggle for some people but what if it were your son or daughter wouldn't you want the best for them no matter what?