10 May, 2009

Back to the issue of homelessness

Well, it's been a while since I wrote anything useful so I'll keep this short and simple. Many of you folk think homelessness is now less of an issue because you only see a few people sleeping rough or walking the streets late at night. The funny thing is there are still quite a number of homeless people and we don't see them because they now hide away at night, so they wont be woken up by police or anyone who will ask them to move on. The other thing is that homelessness is now a wider issue. It doesn't cover people just sleeping rough anymore. Now its about people who are stuck in hostels and hotels, sleeping on Friends floors and sofa's with no hope of having a place of their own.
Council housing was set up to house the people in greatest need. So where did it all go wrong and why ?
Why do we have families in this day and age without homes?
Why do the single homeless people still have to fight for the right to have a home?
Why is it nearly impossible to get an emergency bed for someone living on the streets?
Did we really become too dependent on the right to buy factor?
Is this why we stopped building social housing?
Have the government got it wrong once again?
Is there any real solutions to the housing problems we are facing?
These are the questions I am asking now I'm back to something like my old self.
I know I wont write as much but I will write about what's relevant