19 July, 2009

Awake and raring to go

Well, it's been a long time coming but I think normality has returned. It's 6 15 in the morning I'm awake and ready to go for my morning run and within the next few weeks or so get rid of my fat stomach that has built up over the last few years. I have already got rid of the junk for food that was in my freezer and got fresh veg and meats, not keen on the fruit though. It's the exercise that's the problem because being one of the laziest guys in Britain and I do have some bad habits and exercise is the last thing I want to do but I know I have to. Just by luck I found these steep steps and just like in the rocky film I have been running up and down them for couple of days now, sad to say don't see any improvement but time will tell. well got to go as daylight is wasting

16 July, 2009

Homeless once again

Oh well things just don't go to plan do they? You're thinking he's homeless again what happened? Nothing actually. I'm not but by the time I've finished this particular blog I could have been. That's how easy it could be for someone to become homeless by making one lousy decision in a few minutes and it could change the out come of someones life. I went out for a long walk today and I looked into the faces I came across and thought what would it be like for them if they suddenly became one of many homeless what would they do? That question doesn't really need answering because their survival instint would kick in just as mine did and the same as most living on the streets. The thing is the longer you stay on the streets the easier it is to survive but the social skills you once had eventually disappear so you do become dependent on your wits. So the person you once were disappears. Does this make you less than anybody else? It shouldn't but in some peoples eyes it does because they only see whats in front of them they do not know what has gone before.

03 July, 2009

You see some of my poetry at http://poetmccoy.blogspot.com/ Its half past three in the morning and it too hot to sleep so I thought I would catch up with my blog even though I have nothing much to say.which most who know me will say is a miracle but I haven't watched the news for ages and have kept pretty quite. Tonight I am trying to write some more poetry and my book but nothing comes to mind so I will continue with the struggle

02 July, 2009

I wonder

Everything changes but does it really? Over the last few months I have not been quite myself and I have had to slow down a bit which has given me time to ponder on life's little quirks. The conclusions I have come to are really not that amazing, just so obvious. I still wonder what would have happened to me if I had still been homeless and using drugs. What would I be doing now? Would I have died and be buried in a paupers grave? Are there better days to come? These questions would never have entered my head a couple of years ago. I still think not much has changed though. I still do some of the same things I did when I was homeless because old habits die hard and habits as most know are hard to break that's why I think I understand more than most the plight of homeless people after they have a home. getting A flat or some kind of accommodation is only part of the battle. The battle to break the habit of homelessness it's self is the toughest. It doesn't matter how good you are at keeping a flat clean and tidy or that you have food. It's this thing that the streets brings you I suppose you could call it the survival instinct you don't want to lose it so you keep going back to the streets because that's what you know so well. Just a few of my own thoughts and I wonder am I right?