16 July, 2009

Homeless once again

Oh well things just don't go to plan do they? You're thinking he's homeless again what happened? Nothing actually. I'm not but by the time I've finished this particular blog I could have been. That's how easy it could be for someone to become homeless by making one lousy decision in a few minutes and it could change the out come of someones life. I went out for a long walk today and I looked into the faces I came across and thought what would it be like for them if they suddenly became one of many homeless what would they do? That question doesn't really need answering because their survival instint would kick in just as mine did and the same as most living on the streets. The thing is the longer you stay on the streets the easier it is to survive but the social skills you once had eventually disappear so you do become dependent on your wits. So the person you once were disappears. Does this make you less than anybody else? It shouldn't but in some peoples eyes it does because they only see whats in front of them they do not know what has gone before.

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