01 March, 2010

Oh boy

Oh boy what a palaver about the election I thought this was an easy choice because if you look at what has been done and what would have been done by you know who. Then its obvious. We all disagreed with brown giving our money to the banks but if you think about it, it has saved most of our saving and has prevented a total collapse of our banks but it it has brought hardship and that's just the thing. if the conservatives had had their way they would have closed the worst failing banks and nationalized the rest. Which would have meant millions would have lost their saving pensions would have been decreased more than they have been and many more would have become redundant and many many more businesses would have gone under. After thinking about things I have come to this conclusion I would Rather have the devil I know in power but what do I know. I still believe the old system of paying water and all those other rates with your rent would work better today than what we have now.

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