19 August, 2005

A levels

It's that time of year again, when A level results come to the fore. 98% of teenagers taking their A levels have passed. Once again a record number of passes. The general consensus of the general public is that the exams are getting easier. Are they? I ask after talking to people who have passes from earlier years and they say it was hard then but most think they could get better grades even today. What I find interesting is out of the hundred thousand a level passes there are only 37,000 college places . Which means around sixty thousand under grads would be left out in the cold. Should a level exams be made even harder? Because in this country we do pride ourselves on having the best brains in the world. My feeling is that if we do have so many passing A level exams, then either the test are not that hard or we have 98% of teenagers that are geniuses and that I doubt that very much. To ensure we have the best of the best, I do believe it is time for a revamp of the exams. I think education is a bit of a sore subject with me. As I some how slipped through the education net when I was at school. I left school not being able to read or write and I was wondering just how hard the exams really are and if I were to sit them myself in a locked room for the same time as today's teenagers. Would I pass with flying colours?

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