15 August, 2005

A drink with me or the queen?

I think it is ridiculous that a drink with the queen costs �1,750. No wonder defence chiefs are at the center of another row. Why are defence chiefs using the bicentennial of the battle of Britain and the queens presence to help make up the government shortfall in staging the celebrations. Is it because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are the M.o.D. that strapped for cash that they have to go cap in hand to sponsors using the slogan meet the queen? It was said by someone at the firm that it would be unusual if the people who had brought tickets not to speak to the queen. This brought a furious response from MPs. Who called it an abuse of the royal family. Myself I call it daylight robbery. I mean who wants to pay that ridiculous amount of money to have a glass of champagne with another human being. For the price of a coffee you can meet me. What an excellent thought. ( I could charge say �50 for the pleasure.) Come to think of it you could meet any homeless person and have a sensible chat for the price of a coffee. The fact you wouldn't have to bow or curtsey or watch your Ps and Qs must be a bonus and besides it's a lot cheaper.

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