14 August, 2005

Charity replies to disturbing comment.

The head of the charity crisis Shaks Gosh replied to the comment, charities are putting more emphasis on the hidden homeless and not actual rough sleepers. Shaks Gosh said I believe that what we at crisis are doing is moving forward. We run a number of projects of which are open to people living on the street. Some of which are more appropriate to people living in hostel accomodation but with the number of people living on the street falling, it does offer a fantastic opportunity to try other projects . Although crisis has moved away from just giving food and shelter for seven days at Christmas. It is felt that if we try to give people the tools they need to improve their lives, then this will serve them and the community better in the long run. So crisis is now trying to give those tools to empower people to make their own choices, but we are not forgetting people on the streets.

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