09 August, 2005

Open all hours

It's three o'clock in the morning only just got home after a night with the girlfriend. I was lying on my bed and thought soon I will be able to drink myself silly if I want to, in a pub twenty four hours a day. The only reason I thought of this was, it would be another excuse my girlfriend could use to have a go at me because I am getting a bit tired of the one she uses at the minute. Her excuse is I love my computer more than her. When I think about it, I was begining to wonder why smoke started to come out the back of my computer. Could it be my computer has fallen in love with me? When she reads this she'll be oh so mad. Is that my phone already? Anyway girlfriend to one side.
I think of the problems alcohol is causing some people. In fact some peoples lives are being destroyed by drink. My immediate reaction is it shouldn't be allowed to happen but then if you look at it another way. It might just be the answer to the Friday night brawls we see and hear in the news as people seem to drink more because pubs and clubs have a set closing time, so they drink as fast as they can and then get so drunk that they become drunken the louts and vandals we hear about all over the country. So having a twenty four hour license could be the answer to this problem but, then we have the alcoholics who will drink and drink no matter what. How can we allow this to continue. Firstly we don't really know who the alcoholics are. They are office workers, shop assistants just normal everyday people with a problem. The ones we see everyday when we go to work are only a very very small percent and some of them only drink to forget about their situation. The only way to stop alcoholism is to make alcohol illegal and just like smoking we need to prove it is unhealthy. We already know how dangerous it is to drink and drive. We know its effects, yet we still drink. Even me. We have learned how bad smoking is. Now we need to do the same with alcohol. Until then, we will all still drink as much as our bodies will allow.

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this. Most people can drink sociably without it ever becoming a problem, the ones with a problem are a minority and yes, they do need help, but that doesn't mean that everyone should stop drinking. As for making alcohol illegal, that would never work, look at prohibition in America. Why should society have the right to tell me I can't drink? Smoking is different because if I smoke in public, other people have to breathe the smoke, if I drink it doesn't affect anyone. I think people should be allowed to do what they want as long as they're not hurting anyone else.