24 August, 2005

Another gripe

I think I should have called this blog site another big gripe as I have it seems gripes this time it's about benefits and the people that work there. I know they are under staffed but when you have to sit in one of their offices for four hours only to be told that we sent you a payment and you should get it. Then when it doesn't come you go back to them and politely ask why it hasn't? You spend another four hours trying to get somewhere only to be told you have to wait three working days and this doesn't include sat or sun. I think is a bit of a disgrace. It's when you look at the post mark and find out it had only been sent the day before, which in most cases is true. Most times the dss do try to get rid of you as quick as possible and they will try anything. I don't blame them who'd want to work in an environment where you are under staffed and over worked not to mention the verbal and violent abuse you might have to put up with. No wonder the benefits system is in a mess.

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Anonymous said...

You are right. On your first visit, you should have been told "this payment was processed on Day X, and that it usually takes Y days for the payment to reach you. It's absurd that it should take 2 visits to discover the expected delay between a payment being authorised and it turning up.