12 August, 2005

Disturbing comments

Last night I went out again amongst the people sleeping on the streets of Camden town but I forgot to take my camera. So I just sat and talked to them. When three of the five commented that they think that homeless charities seem to have forgotten about who they really should be fighting for. When I asked what did they mean, crisis where given as an example. Then they explained that although crisis do a lot at Christmas what they seem to be concentrating on now is people with a roof over their heads. So I tried to explain that just because people are in hostels and have a roof over their head it doesn't mean they are not vunerable or don't need the same opportunities as people on the streets. Of course I put my foot in it as the sharp reply was what opportunities? We can only take what chances we are given and they are few and far between.
It seems to me that every year we hear the same arguments from both sides and I suppose we will always get some homeless people that feel they are being short changed by both the government and the public. While we still have homelessness this will not change. But the question is why are so many homeless? Why is it we do not include homeless people in any political discussions? Are homeless people really second class citizens?

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