20 August, 2005

Just thinking

After all that's happened in the last few weeks I was just thinking about the time I met Mo mowlam. What a loss she is going to be. I actually met Mo when I was living rough. She was on her way to the commons I think. She gave me a fiver to get something to eat. I did and boy was I grateful. What I was thinking was, that only a few people will actually stop and talk to someone they don't know or someone living rough like I was. I don't know whether it's because sometimes we look rough and unclean or it's that inbred fear we have of strangers. Not everyone would stand there and chat and ask you how come your on the streets or how you are doing? She did. It's was that openness and honesty about her that I think people took to. She said I don't usually give money to people on the street but here you are anyway and if I where you I'd take all the help I could get. Well, Mo sorry I never got around to paying you the fiver back but you being a politician an all, but I did what you said and now I'm still clean and I think a bit smarter. I think politics will miss her wit and colourfulness but most of all I think everyone will miss that down to earth quality she possessed.

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isob92 said...

she was a wonderful person!! she helped change my country"s way off life, and didnt take any crap from the powers that be.thanks to Mo we have peace in N-Ireland,even though Blair tried to take all the credit,but we the people know the truth.(R.I.P)God Bless her.Anthony.B-Hug.www.brenthomeless.com