01 February, 2007

You're homeless you're not the same as us. Rant

Being homeless isn't a crime but what's happening to homeless people is. How would you feel if you had to live life on the streets and being looked down upon everyday because of one mistake or it was the only alternative for you in the situation you where in. I get very angry when I hear people say homeless people are stupid and it's their own fault or they're not like you and me. Last night I went out and about the centre of London to see if the situation had gotten any worse since my last foray. It does seem there are a few more living on the street but only in certain areas of Londons West End. In Westminster the situation seems as bad as ever. While many homeless charities focus on the need to re-educate people on the simple things of life like learning read and write and how to cook. There are a certain number of people we seem to be missing and those are the ones that are too ashamed to say I need help either because they can't read or write or because of their unsureness to learn new things. Having a time table to learn also doesn't fit with the homeless that sleep rough after all their first Priority is surviving another day. Not how do I learn to cook a cake or spell the word cat. I know there are a few day centers that now have the facilities to teach people these things in the mornings but if your homeless and tired all you want to do is have a hot drink and some food and try to get some sleep while you are in the warm. Even if that means every so often you are woken up. So you see the dilemma homeless people face. It's just like being in an endless ring until someone comes up with another solution to the problem then some people will always lose out. What I would like to see is a sort of signed agreement between homeless people and who ever, lets say a night shelter. They would accommodate them if they learnt the basics skills. So many homeless organizations are trying to do this with the homeless they have gotten off the streets and we only have a few that see homelessness everyday of the week. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally whether you are homeless or in a hostel and everyone should have the right to learn. So back to the people that think homelessness is their own fault and they aren't the same as you or I. Well that's tosh. Everyday I speak to people who I would have thought would not have the time of day for me but if they don't see any difference between myself and them why should other people ? Just because someone is a bit shabbily dressed has a can in his hand and is homeless doesn't make him any different from you or I. It's just someone who has a problem or why should we demonise a girl living rough when all she did was get away from the abuse she suffered. When I was a kid I was always told that before I opened my mouth to speak I should think about what I was going to say and for all of the people that speak before their brains work. Try thinking first.

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Sleepy_Hobo_Joe said...

Howdy there.

Well, first off Jamie, I'm 25 years old and it's 2:11 a.m. here
in the U.S. Fort Collins, Colorado.
I'm homeless, and hanging out in little shop that serves coffee and
free WiFi. It's deadly cold outside. Americas a mixed bunch like all people, but
I think basically we humans are more the same then different. I'm glad you have the heart to say those things about the hobos like me. I'm so tired. I don't want to be harrased for sleeping in their shop. I've made so many bad mistakes in just 25 years! My family don't want me around. My friends are few and they aren't able to shelter me anymore, but they are not at any
fault for bad character. But life, it cannot be prefect. I could say "I will be a communist, and blame the capitalist for my lot", but I operate in such a capilist system and will own up to the fact that I can't adapt to the life here, which I've started in from day one. I wish i didn't live in a world were the are these ideals to separate. I remember the classic
"My Fair Lady", with the old hobo Mr. Doolittle, who became a successful morale authority with alot of help, of course. Its silly tale, but you know, some homeless people are c++, java, ect. programmers or study physics, being well versed in black hole, quantuim, ballistic theories. These discplines take a understanding of Algebra at least, right. But John Henry lacked high school math education. Nikola Tesla was a man so brillent metaphysically, and so dim in every practical sense to as died impoverised after many discoveries and refinements that still influiance the world. Yawn. The shops playing a sleepy Beatles song about laullibies.

Well, thanks.