12 March, 2007

Exiting a lfe

I tend to read or hear the news most days but when I hear people saying as I did today on a bus that homeless people really don't know what's going on in the world. I do get frustrated. Homeless people do have a bad rep and the conversation I overheard was the result of a man getting on the bus with his blankets and because he was a little drunk and quite loud. The thing that I gleamed from the overheard conversation was that the public still had no idea what had befallen this man to become like he was. It dosen't matter who we are we all have times we can't handle but most of us have friends and relatives to turn to but most homeless people don't and they rely on strangers for help and guidance. Not all homeless people started out as drug addicts or drunks but it is now the situtation they are now in and believe it or not most want out of that life but don't know how to find the exit. no matter what we have to keep on finding ways of showing these people there are better ways to live a life and i don't think its forcing them in to rehabs or specialised places like John bird the founder of the big issue would like to see. There is a saying which I think is true for most people who have an addiction and that it is, that you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink.


Mary said...

Hi Jamie, I love your blog! People don't understand the meaning of homeless - it's not just about not having a roof over your head but feeling detached from society. I am a student trying to make a documentary on homeless people. There is a question I have been trying to find the answer to but no one can help me. Maybe you can...What happens to someone who dies on the street? Do the police make sure their families are informed? If a next of kin is unable to be contacted, what happens to the deceased?

womble said...

Jamie, you're right. People have to want to change. The charities and other bodies can be there to help once that decision has been made.

What do you think about John Bird saying he wants to stand as Mayor?