27 June, 2008

Do we still care about homelessness

The amount of times I have heard, of course we care about homeless people and the less well off, it just makes me wonder and ask the question why have we still people living on the streets of our cities and why do we now have a network of hostels up and down the length of this country and why are they full up every night Its question after question with me I know but if you don't ask them then the right answers to the problems cannot be truthfully answered. The thing that does concern me is that we put people in to these places which really are today's poor houses if compare things with the Victorians. Workhouses were hard to get away from and they did leave the same kind of stigma that hostels leave today. That's why alot of people used different names. I have to admit that life isn't too bad these days but there is this feeling that by not spending the money now to train and teach the homeless and less advantaged that we are in fact building a second class of citizen. Everyone that works is this sector knows how difficult it is get people somewhere back in society and it's even much harder to get them back into work. That's why I advocated work training and life skills but even this sometimes is not enough

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