01 June, 2009

The Honorable

Am I right when I think that when MPs are in the houses of parliament that the speaker calls them the right honorable whoever it is from such a place. The question I wanted to ask after the expenses row was. was it the honorable thing for for so many MPs to do. I as a member of the public just didn't want to hear we did nothing wrong because it was in the rules. What I wanted to hear was that it wasn't the honorable thing to do and apologise. We trust our MPs to be beyond reproach and it doesn't matter what their back ground or where they come from but when it comes to decisions we trust them to do whats right for this country not just themselves. That's where I think the trouble lies We have lost this sense of morality. The Labour party talk about respect as well as the other parties but should they sit down at a party conference and sort out their own houses first before they try to teach the public about their respect agendas because from where I'm sitting the trust in MPs we once had has been tarnished really badly and its going to take something special to get it back fully. It's a bit like the kid who never did anything wrong saying it wasn't me I didn't steal the cakes but is later found out and the trust that everyone had has gone and it has to be earned. I just wanted to say my bit

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