18 December, 2009

New day new dawn

Well it's only a few more days until Christmas and I still wonder sometimes what would I be doing if I hadn't changed my life so dramatically so many Christmases ago. When I go out on the streets at night I sometimes stop at places I used to frequent and think about things and sometimes remember what happened here but I've learned that you can't change the past, it's just gone. You can only have regrets and these you don't have to dwell on because everyday life changes. I wake to a new day free of drugs and thoughts I never knew I had. Have to admit some are really personal.  One thought I had was that many well known MP s are signed up to the end homeless by 2012 campaign. How about actual homeless people signing up as well after all two heads are better than one and aren't homeless people the ones that matter. The way I see it if you get everyone doing there thing to end homelessness then this gives it more power and instead of the words unlock your potential. Lets always use the words lets us help you reach your goal because that's what it's all about two bodies working for the samething but it says a lot more if your saying we want to help. Not that's we don't know it but as they say words are more powerful than sword after all so many have started wars.

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