12 August, 2006

Here I am just in case you are wondering where I have got to. Things are okay for me at the moment but that's because I am working and don't have much time to think about things. I wake get ready for work, take a stroll to get to work, do what I have to and then it's home to go to bed and to do all that I did the day before but this time hopefully a little better. It would be very very boring if the outcome of everyday was the same. Wouldn't it? Life can be so dull and tiring if you don't do what you enjoy doing. Me I hate working where I am working but it's a means to an end. I like doing something with my days and I would love to say I enjoy everything about my life but there are quite a few things left for me to do before I can say that, as you can guess this is what people call normality. How boring


DaddyTango said...

Hi Jamie its Jason McGuffie from the Big Red Tour, just touching on what you are saying in your paragraph, I have been working now doing a job that I love for nearly 2 years but I have, had some hard times on the way just as you are feeling now, but the way I am looking at it now is that i am well better off than i ever was before as now i have a clear vision and my thoughts are not cloaked by substances and pity. I now have a renewed sense of everything good and I feel this is my new outlook, Yes i have my bad days but now they are outweighed by the good whereas before it was the opposite, so keep your chin up mate and if you want to sign my blog its jasonakadaddytango.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...


Great to see you in today's Guardian (Wednesday 16th). Been trying to call you to meet up, but no connection. What's your number?

Mark Flannagan

Andrew said...

Missed your writings lately. I hope you are doing well and not working too hard.


Larry James said...

Are you aware that your blog and mine are on a Top 10 list? Check out: http://homeless.toptensources.com/

Mine is Larry James' Urban Daily.

Thanks for your words.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, its Lesley from COC, just found your blog, have had a good read of it and thought i'd say 'hi'! Hope you are well, thanks for giving me your poerty book on the thames cruise, i owe you. qyksa

womble said...

Hope you're keeping ok, Jamie. Missing your musings, you know.