15 December, 2006

A mini pantomime or was it really a bad dream?

I thought while I was in the mood to write. I'd tell you about the strangest dream I think I had. The funny thing is I remember most of it. It all started when I went to sleep one night and who should appear but Tony Blair dressed in a Santa suit, saying "sorry I've forgotten all your presents this year. You haven't been good have you?" Then he started mumbling on and on about me not voting for him and the bad things I said about his beloved Labour party and I said what's new about that fact anyway. Then slowly but surely he disappear into the distant. Then up popped the cabinet singing White Christmas in funny voices and Gordon Brown dressed like the fairy on top of a Christmas tree. The thought of this still gives me goose bumps and sends shivers down my spine. It makes me wonder whether I was having an awful S and M dream but there Gordon was in all his glory. Everything stopped for a short while. Then Gordon came over and spoke to me saying he would grant me one wish and I was to tell him the wish after I had made it. I made my wish but refused point blank to tell him. Sorry Gordon but I still wont tell. Back to the dream. The more I refused to tell the more angry he got and the deeper the shade of reddish purple he got. Then all of a sudden he was shouting and screaming I will become prime minister and if you don't tell I will increase the price of petrol and I still refused. I will increase tax he said smiling a wicked smile and of course I still refused. Then he let out such a squeal that I cowered. He said he was going to reduce the welfare state and reduce benefits to just those that really needed his governments help and the unemployed would have to fill out more forms, which would take years. Then suddenly everything went poof and I think I woke up.


Nick Reid said...

‘The Dosa Boys’

What do you get if you put an English professional gambler, a Kiwi television editor and a Vietnamese physicist together in a rickshaw for three weeks in India? Well, we're about to find out…

Kiwi Nick Reid, Englishman Ivan Phillips and Vietnamese born Andy Hoang have never met one another. A posting on an online noticeboard was the start of what we hope will become a beautiful friendship. The three make up 'The Dosa Boys', just one of thirty teams entered in the infamous Rickshaw Run.

This Christmas holidays The Dosa Boys and their competitors will be driving a three wheeled motorized rickshaw with a top speed of 20 miles an hour. They will traverse 3000 miles of highways, desert sands, jungles, bustling cities, mountains, villages, mud tracks and the tropical heat of the Indian subcontinent in the first long distance rickshaw race ever held.

The race was created to raise money for Mercy Corps, who alleviates suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. From Cochin in the south to Darjeeling in the north east, the teams have 19 days to complete the route.

Hamilton born Nick Reid is keen to share his adventures along the way, and you can keep up to date with the team's progress before, during and after the race at http://dosaboys.blogspot.com/ He is both excited and understandably apprehensive about meeting for the first time and traveling with his team mates for three weeks in a small vehicle just big enough to fit three people in let alone there luggage through the Indian wilderness. 'Well, I'm a television techie, Ivan is a pro gambler and Andy is a physicist. Quite a good combination I think – in fact we couldn't have planned it better – that is, if we'd done any planning at all.'

All three will be arriving in the southern Indian state of Kerala on Boxing Day to begin pimping their rickshaw before the 28 December 2006 start for what will be a hilarious nineteen days. The trio are seeking sponsors and contributors to help raise their target of 950 british pounds for Mercy Corps. To contribute to The Dosa Boys and help raise money for Mercy Corps, please go to http://www.justgiving.com/thedosaboys/

To find out more about The Rickshaw Run visit http://www.rickshawrun.com

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