09 October, 2007

Royal mail, I'm on strike

Most postmen are not going to like what I am about to write but it's fact and I think most people will agree with me.
Over the years the postman was always the one man we could rely on to deliver our mail come hell or high water twice a day. Once in the morning between 7 and 11 and then between 12 and 2 in the afternoon until a few years ago. Now we are lucky to see one letter before midday and they call it modernisation. I know we have to move with the times but when you have modern sorting machines in most sorting offices today what is the problem?
Why should any company let alone the Royal mail pay workers for doing less work than they did three or four years ago?
What really annoys me it sometimes takes three days for a first class letter to get to me posted from Birmingham and you can guarantee the cost of a first class stamp always increases. The fact is that postmen do need a decent wage to live on but not at the cost to the public. Me, I would like to see the mail back to twice a day and on time after all, this was all done before modernisation wasn't it?

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Anonymous said...

As a postman I actually agree with you. We as a group want modernisation but Royal Mails definition of Modernisations appears to be:

Close Post Offices.
Cancel 2nd Deliveries
As from Today delay deliveries by a further hour to an hour and a half.
Bring forward collection times at Post Boxes
Cancel Sunday and Bank Holiday collections from the end of this month

Although some of the dispute is about pay(the offer means I will be £20 a week worse off because they are removing an allowance for unaddressed mail, but increasing the amount of it we will have to deliver)conditions and pensions it is also about stopping the attack on the postal service.

I firmly believe if we let Royal Mail have their own way on all the issues then the postal service would collapse and Multi Nationals would move in and snap up the profitable parts. Of course Mrs Miggins who lives down a country lane in the middle of nowhere would not get a service and would have to travel to the nearest office to collect her mail.