25 October, 2007

Still on the subject of hostels

I wasn't thinking about work houses as they used to be called but what I was thinking of was properly run hostels with people having the choice to work there or not and those who did got paid a proper wage. These of course would only be short term hostels with a definite move on to independent living say after a year but it would be the choice of the homeless person not the hostel. The reason why i am thinking this way is as funds will eventually be cut and the cost of living in a hostel rises i think the government will have to look at hostels as a business which i think happens already. It's the same with the NHS it's now looked as a business

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Ed@Crisis said...

Hi Jamie,

It's Ed here - from the DM Fundraising Team at Crisis?

Interesting as always to hear what you have to say - I think the hostel idea is a good one. But that's not officially Crisis' view, just mine!

By the way, we have just created a brand new website telling stories of people we have helped at Crisis. We are trying to get people to see the potential in homeless people - not just the fact that they are homeless.

We would also like people to sign up as financial supporters... but we'll see.

Anyway, have a look - www.see-the-potential.com

If you like it - it would be great if you could plug it on your blog!