18 July, 2008

old age

I was sitting down on the wall outside Charing Cross underground station and because I was having to look upwards at people passing by it sorted of reminded me of the times I used to be that beggar on the south bank. It was strange really having that feeling that everyone was looking at me again. That's the way it is some days little things remind me of what used to be and how I felt way back then. Everything changes over time we all grow older some of us grow wiser and some of us stay in that cycle of youth running around like teenagers at forty. Not a bad thing in itself but it just hides the fact that we are getting older by the minute and that youth does fade and we have to adapt or become the oldest swingers in town. I think Gordon used to be one you know.

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Anonymous said...

Im ex-homeless, not a term i like,because it carrys with it social stigma,but thats the label the Voluntary sector gives you,so there you are,you cant get away from the fact you/me were once,could happen again homeless...
Adapt a very good word,but so easy to achieve
keep it jamie
bullring boy