29 September, 2008


I asked the question some months ago what would happen if we had a financial crisis or crash. Well i think we are heading for just that and there is not much we can do but watch. The days of spend spend spend are truly over. So now my question is what happens to those that lose their homes or can't make payment for gas and electric payments. I believe we will see a steady rise in homelessness and council waiting list. A major growth in border line poverty in this country and real growth in actual poverty. Times are going to be hard for most the less well off will be worse off.
The government have already proved they don't really care and today they took control of the Bradford and Bingley mortgages. I still believe it will give all concerned a headache they wont recover from. Why well the by to let was a risky business at best but what i always remember was when the Conservatives where having their election for leader I remember David Davis saying you could always consider the buy to let market which I laughed at because I was homeless once and had only just got my own flat.
Well as i feel the pinch just like everyone i leave you with this thought who do you trust with your money. Is it safer under the mattress.

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Michaelann Bewsee said...

Hard as it is to comprehend, some good may come of all this-- we may have the chance to learn more about how to take care of ourselves-- to take back every bit of power that we possibly can-- from registering to vote to transplanting raspberry canes into a vacant lot-- because I am more and more convinced that if WE don't take care of ourselves, nobody else will.