09 October, 2008

The government should really listen

How do things get so complicated in such a short space of time? I believe the trouble with the banks was always going to come even I was forecasting doom and gloom some months ago and coming from me that was something but guess what nobody was listening as per usual. The only question that was being asked was what does he know? He's an ex drug addict and homeless person. Guess what? I do have a brain and although it was not been fully functional for years to my surprise and maybe yours, it does work! Even I know you can't keep borrowing beyond your means and you certainly can't keep borrowing Peter to pay Paul and you can't put high risk strategies at the forefront of any market. This is what I think banks have been doing for too long. To top this off giving people mortgages and loans three times the size of their incomes doesn't make any sense to me plus we all know the housing bubble had to burst sometime but who am I to talk.
What makes me so angry is the fact that the tax payer who now needs a helping hand with increasing energy bills and food prices can not get it. Yet within forty eight hours of the conservative leader telling us there was nothing in the cupboard and the country was going to face tough times a plan was being form by the government to bail out the financial market. I believe the total package is above 200 billion to date. Funny how we can bail out the financial system with no guarantee it will work. When tax payers are asking for immediate help with rising fuel costs. I listened to the off gen or was it off com report and it stated there was no collusion between the biggest energy companies to hike prices. Well, if they where in front of a jury they would definitely be found guilty because if you go back ten years every time the biggest put the prices up the rest follow suit and to me that's collusion and not fair competition. While I am at it I must vent more on this governments energy argument that approximately only ten percent of a families weekly income is spent on energy IE: gas and electric. I beg to differ. When I speak to various people who are working and they tell me that the increase in energy prices is affecting them and with food prices rising each month their ability to pay is causing them to worry and when I speak to couples with children on state benefits that tell me they are going without food for one or two days every fortnight because of the rises in gas and electric and food. I am a single man on benefits and I am struggling myself and I can tell you that this winter it will be a choice between being warm and hungry or freezing and you must remember those on prepayment energy meters are already losing out because they are paying a daily tariff just for the prepayment meter.
Sorry Mr brown But you don't live in the real world and you certainly are not listening to the people who put your party in office. Yes your measures for the future are good but over the next three to five years people are going to need your help. This is what they pay taxes for not to bail out banks that fed on an over inflated market. Oh and Mr Brown if you want to be prime minister for another four years I suggest you get all your party to listen to the people because they are the ones who want know you are really listening to them. There is a plus to this as well you get the trust of the people and that would be a first.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie

What's also going to cause a lot of annoyance is when people realise that senior Bank executives are continuing to get bonuses. It won't be in the form of cash but shares. Of course those shares aren't worth much at the moment, but they can afford to wait because in a year or two those shares will be worth thousands of pounds.

Now, as a tax payer I feel I am a part owner of our major banks and I don't want my money being paid out to senior managers who are already earning major salaries. I strongly feel the Goverment should use its influence, as the single largest shareholder in those banks, to say NO MORE