31 October, 2008

From bad to worse

I just don't get it anymore and I thought I was dumb but some of the governments thinking and plans seems to be heading in the direction of not thought out properly and definitely not workable with this credit crunch and recession biting. Who am I to talk anyway I've done some stupid things without thinking too much. there are three issues that are bothering me and i have made inquires of my own to shed light on these issues but I am still left with trepidation
House repossessions I know in the last quarter 11.000 homes have been repossessed and that it is expected to rise by another 10.000 by end of Jan 2009. I know the government have got some program for councils to buy and mortgages companies to rent out the properties to their tenants instead of them becoming homeless. The idea is OK and in it's self that's a good thing but with many councils and mortgages companies losing money to this credit thingy and from people in the know I have spoken seem to think that some councils will struggle over the next few years and the other thing is it defeats the object of people buying their homes.So here's what I would have proposed if I where an MP I would have made it possible for people to stay in their properties but would have frozen their repayments and made them pay rent until the financial crisis got better and then reapply their repayments at another rate to take into account all things well there it is

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