06 February, 2009

What next

I've been talking to a few people where I live and I asked about the cold weather and how they were coping and I was told in no uncertain terms that these were the hardest times for many years. What with the price of gas and electric and so many people now not working and the fact that four people told me they were on benefits and had only one payment off the cold weather payment payed by the dss and job seekers. Now I know that this should be payed if the cold drops to zero or the average temp over seven days is zero or below. So I tried to ask the dss directly if this was true as the average temp during the end of dec to end of jan was zero with only two days in that time reaching plus three but I had no luck as they said they could not comment. So my next plan of action was to ask an MP but as you know it snowed and i am left with a sore bum and red face as i slipped and nearly broke my leg. I will get round to it as soon as I can. Other things on my mind are, Are the government and MPs from other parties so out of touch with the people that they now are thinking up quick fix policies? I for one think they are and I can't help but think what will they think of next. Will it be send all drug addict to the moon or there will be a national charge to use your local parks? Who knows? What I do know is that this is not a reccession it's the beginning of a depression if you look back in history both here and America there are so many things that are the same. anyway that's what I think but who cares what I think anyway.

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