30 January, 2009

Its time

Well I might not be myself these days but I still listen to the news and make my own mind up about things for instance this thing about the banks and the doom and gloom that has followed them about. well here's my take on this issue, banks have been so stupid yet in the process have made a few more people rich and what we used to call the middle class are now much better off and the poor are now poorer. This only partly due to the banks. They sold loans and things to unsafe people and project but this was partly due to the government as well making people believe that owning their own home was the bees knees and the thing to do and the government kept on and on about this being the way forward so banks followed suit the result is what we have now. We have partly nationalised the banks why not go the full hog and get things moving by making them lend to business

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