30 December, 2008

You don't have any ties so please take up your bed and leave

I thought I'd write one last piece for this year about oxford council asking it's the homeless to leave if they couldn't prove that they had any ties to oxford. This is getting ridiculous as homeless people are fast becoming the easy targets of councils all over the country and I do believe what they are now doing is bordering on being illegal. The question is are they taking away ones right to live where they can and choose. Does any council have legal jurisdiction over any ones rights? Its a bit like saying sorry there's no room at the inn but its happening all over England. Another thing is that if the government figures are to be believed a third of the rough sleepers in England are in Oxford.These must be all the above intelligent ones who are now getting university degrees. I wonder if the others are at Cambridge doing the same? As today I heard Cambridge was better than Oxford


Squirk said...

I tried to click on that link but I think there's a mistake in it because instead of seeing a news story all I get is some silly sponsored links.

I think your link is meant to say:


but instead it says:


with an extra "http//"

Wendy C. Allen a.k.a. EelKat said...

Our town coucil tried to make us leave on the same grounds, but get this: We were on land we owned! Land that had been in our family for well over 300 years. My family settled and founded Old Orchard Beach! We were homeless because members of town council had set fire to our home, forceing us to live in a tent on our own land, and even though it was our own land they STILL stormed in and told us we could not live there in a tent because the town "has an ordinance against eyesores"!

You can find out more about what life was like for me while I was homeless here: http://www.squidoo.com/OnBeingHomeless

Michaelann Bewsee said...

That's so crazy. Our city tried to limit their shelter to folks from the city but had to give it up with public opposition. (Actually, most of the public probably agreed, but the vocal few carried the day.)