05 December, 2008

What a laugh someone's having

The queens opening speech for the new session of Parliament was a bit of a damp squid if you ask me. The government are doing nothing for the poorest of this country and I believe they made no great in roads into the housing crisis that has been building up for sometime now. No mention of rentable social housing or of building any. Someone is having a great belly laugh at our expense but the trouble is the Conservatives wont do much better if anything they'll make it harder. Politics, its a comedy in the making. This year I think we have seen the worst comedy of errors that any government has made since the war. We are in for tough times and I strongly believe that we haven't seen the worst of things to come. Who really knows what's in store for 2009 doom and more gloom but it's Christmas and I think we should make the best of it for now so many poeple will be drowning thier sorrows with a mixture of goodwill and tears. cheers to you all

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