28 December, 2008


Homelessness is not just a thing that happens at Christmas although sometimes it does feel as if it is. The fact is that at Christmas we see a small proportion of what homelessness is and we learn more about how it affects some of those that are homeless. Its such a shame that it is the only time of year when everyone talks about the subject and we feel everyone should be given at least a small glimmer of hope. The fact that there are some people that actually do care and offer their time shows that some people do empathise but what does happens after places like the Crisis Christmas shelter in London or all the other places that are open, close. Most go back to life of living on the streets because there is no choice although there are housing advice places in the shelters the chance of getting someone in one is slim but its not through the lack of trying. There are still not enough vacancies to tackle the problem which is set to rise even further.
How do you tackle homelessness? No one yet has come up with a definite solution. The sorry fact that it has become more hidden is I think is a growing problem because we now have people sleeping at the back of shops and such places. Where as before it used to be in plain site suggests that I am right but I do speak from experience myself as I have been homeless and a drug addict. The fact that Crisis has taken a bold intuitive in trying to develop peoples skills in their skylight drop in centers in London at Newcastle is a step in the right direct but more needs to be done on the issue of homelessness itself because no matter what, no employer will take the chance of employing someone who lives on the street. Yes its that old vicious circle again once you're in it its hard to get back on the straight and narrow. With this recession starting to bite and as more and more people become victim to the housing market slump and many losing their jobs and homes. I once again see the migration of workers going to different towns in search of work. Which has happened before in this country and was in itself a cause of one of the biggest rises in homelessness in the seventies and eighties. I forecast that we will see the break down of families and a large rise in homelessness over the next two years and once again we will have a homeless crisis

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