30 December, 2008

What's in store

Well another year nearly over and to be truthful it hasn't been a very fruitful one for me as things have happened that have had me rather concerned about my health but everything is okay and 2009 should be a good year in fact I think it will a vintage one this time round. I aim to get the answers to the nagging questions that need to be answered like have we really lost the art of conversation and what do people think the reason for this. Another is about homelessness and are certain charities including my favorite and beloved Crisis moving a way from the real core of what they were all set up to help tackle and that is the homeless, are they in their drive to improve leaving behind the most vulnerable and have we in fact gone to a two tier of homelessness of those who can and those who can't. I hope to be doing some more radio stuff next year as I very much want to ask the question of whats going to happen if the economy doesn't recover. What's in store the homeless and is reforming the welfare and benefit system the correct thing to do at this time or is it just another way for the government to give with one hand and take with the other. Will we see a dramatic rise in homelessness as house repossessions continue to rise as the sticking plaster which the government has in place fails to do its job. All good questions to ask. So as this year ends on a bit bum note. Lets hope for a better one. See you all in the New Year. Have a great new years eve. Here's a question would I make a good MP as I have a back ground of avoiding burning questions and I can make promises that I know I wont keep

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