20 December, 2009


I was thinking about Christmas and the phrase home for Christmas. I know that some people do have homes and family to go to at this time of year but what about those who have nothing and no one. I have heard some people as I walk the streets at night say its their own fault that they are where they are and I now ask the question how the hell do they know. Do they personally know the people? I don't think so but you never know because every now and then someone knows someone on the streets and if you remember it is a small world we live in and to be honest England is not that big really. I myself have had what I would have called various homes. One was a card board box in what was called the bull ring in waterloo. Another was just a blanket in a shop doorway in London’s West End. the list goes on. You might think how can this be called home but that is what it was, plus the only family I knew at the time was other people on the streets in the same situation. Now I smile a little more as I look around my flat and I see a three seater settee and two arm chairs, a TV and so forth but this is now my home but every now and then I visit the streets at night and remember this is what it was like but I remember that not everyday was gloom and doom. 

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Richard said...

Hi Jamie,

It's Richard from nights at the Dependancy centre. I was wondering how you were and thought I'd leave you a message to say hello! Are you planning to pop in here this year?

Hope you are well,