07 July, 2006

Another minority group

Well, after going for a night out on the town and being chatted up by a Freddie Mercury look a like at a gay pub in Vauxhall. I managed to get away unscathed. My friend who I went with and who is gay wanted to go out and doesn’t like going out alone. So I went with him. It’s funny but people’s perception of gay men and women is one of phobia because of stories about aids and stuff. It’s just like anything else in this world one story of aids turns into a nightmare tale and it gets bigger and bigger every time it’s told. This in the case of gay people leads to fear. After talking with a few people and trying to get an even perspective. The conclusion is, here are group of people that just wanted to live their lives their way and because they fall in love with someone from the same sex they are put in to this category as being unfit and strange. The norm is that men should love women and visa versa but isn’t love supposed to be blind to colour and gender and doesen't everyone have the right to live thier live's they way they want? I have to admit when I was young queer bashing was the norm and I did take part but I didn’t understand things then. Now I see things for what they are. I think it’s called life.

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