03 July, 2006

We don't get it right all the time

I was thinking which seems to be every minute of the day these days but I was thinking that no matter whether you're an MP or just an average Joe in the street. All are really just the same. We all have these fears of making ends meet and doing things so we don't start a war with our next door neighbor's. Only politicians have to think on a larger scale. When I first start to meet MPs I remember one saying we don't get it right all the time but just lately I have been thinking about what he said and I keep on saying why the hell not? After all isn't it what the people voted for? Someone who doesn't make mistakes. This government I think will not be in power for much longer and the fact that Gordon Brown wants to be prime minister I personally think it will be the labour parties biggest mistake, although he is what I would call a safe pair of hands I think that the British people want more than that. They want progress. They want a decent standard of life. They want someone who has the foresight to build Britain into one the most progressive countries in the world. they want someone who really does want to fight poverty not only abroad but here as well but mostly they want someone who is not afraid to tell the people how it really is and how drastic the cure will be. I'd vote for them if they told the truth.

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